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Blender Intel CPU Fix


Do you use the "new" Intel CPUs  (12xxx, 13xxx and following)   on Windows?
If you do: If you render with Blender and might switch the application while you wait for the frame to finish
or if you use Blender on your render farm, then it uses a slow fraction of your CPUs total power!

The Intel 12th Generation and all following have fast Performance cores and slow Efficiency cores.
By default Windows 10 and 11 disable the Performance cores for applications in the background.
An application can tell Windows not to disable performance cores.  
Unfortunately Blender does not and will not do that in the future.
(The dev ticket was closed after a long discussion about pro and cons with the result "better save than sorry, what if someone expects and wants this behaviour"...)

Our Plugin
This plugin uses a library of Royal Render to tell Windows that Blender should use all cores all the time.
It is a must have for your renderfarm (As Blender runs in the background)

This video shows the issue and the installation of our plugin:

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