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   Animation / VFX


Softimage ICE Volumes
Shader Development, ICE Particle Sim, Shading


Descendants - short
Pipeline, Shading, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing


Showreel 05
Persil Megaperls - commercial
Complete, under supervision
Fuchs - 3 day VFX workshop
White Ants - feature film
Supervisor, Compositing, Shader R&D
Soko Schutzbengel - series
Animation TD, Shading
Sommertag - feature film
Supervisor, animation TD, shading


Eve - 3 day VFX workshop
beachMeister: Doktor - music video
Supervisor, compositing (1/3)
Wrigley Airwaves - commercial
Cloud shader
Aufs Maul - festival trailers
Supervisor, Compositing
AlpenSturm - commercial
Supervisor, particles, 2/3 compositing, matte painting


Das Floss - short
Opening sequence
Theramed Eis - Commercial
growing and exploding ice particles
Oby - short
particle smoke (animation and shading)
Praktiker Kreissaege - Commercial
wood particles (modeling, animation and shading)
Spee trolley - Commercial
Animation of CG packages hit by a real trolley
Such Mich Nicht - feature
CG blood, background removals
Schwarzweiß-wald - short
Director of Photography (16 mm Camera)


Buderus Flamme - Commercial
CG flame with smoke look
Eine Frage der Perspektive - short film/Commercial
CG Dragonfly
Beziehungskiste - short
Director of Photography
Mindworks - short
Admincalypse - short
Stage designer, Director


Balinesische Nacht - short
Fire recording, Compositing
Canyon - short
Transition from real live footage into a CG canyon
Saratoga - technical visualisation
particles and compositing
The Game - CG short
Shading, lightning, character animation


M&M Pyraminis
Modelling and shading of a desert with sand particles
Whiskas 3er Pack - Commercial
Modelling, shading
Der W8 von VW - visualisation
Setup of complete engine, animation
Bauerfeind Stoffe - visualisation
complete, all from modelling to compositing
Wella Lion
Tracking of multiple hairstyles to a lions head
VW Diesel - visualisation
Autsch du fröhliche - feature