What's new in version 25.0+

   Texture Coordinates "World Drag"

   New Cell Type "Smooth"


You can use the flakes shader to render metallic flakes in a material.
It does only produce the flake layer, to you have to add it with any other material for the surface.

You can use any specular (e.g. BA_illum_spec) as input shader for the flakes.
You can also use a shader with reflection as input shader to the flakes.

The Flake shader builds seperate layers with a few flakes.
You do not have any evaluation of your input shader in the area without flakes.
You can add multiple layers of flakes.
PerlinPerlin Shatter
1 Layer
5 Layer

BA_CarPaint Compound:

Only Flakes with Reflection:

   Color Switcher

The color switcher has multiple color inputs.

Example of using the density parameter of the shadow:

Different sharpness values for the matte frost sampling:

Of course the Frost Transparency and the Glossy Reflection have full Frambuffer support!


The BruteforSSS shader is an SSS shader which does no illumination caching at all.
This means it gets really slow.

It has two different types you can enable.



This shader offers you different kinds of specular highlights.